its so fucked up trying 2 explain kpop to someone who doesn’t like kpop like how the fuck do you explain comebacks and music show promotions their strange as fuck fan service and how in the lords name do u show someone fantastic baby or wolf or catallena without cringing like fuck is kpop even real im starting to think its all one big fever dream

*The Quiett’s voice* these PDs aint loyal




Tim Hudson doesn’t miss a beat.


Tim Hudson doesn’t miss a beat.

"Excluding B.I, Zico, Mino & P.O, all of you move"


Yeah, bitches, you better move, cause my boy is high and wild ~~~  He’s going to win this show and you all know it!

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When Junmyeon takes dancing by heart

i am so glad you exist, even if you exist so far away from me 


when someone cries because you said something nice to them, they’re someone who you need to protect because they haven’t seen enough kindness in the world.


As a Giants fan, I gotta say, I feel pretty damn spoiled. In recent years, we’ve gotten a perfect game, a few no-hitters, and games that came close. The ones we didn’t get broke our hearts but what a pleasure it is to watch them take place. We’re so lucky to have a team that entertains and treats us to special games like that. Thank you Giants! 

#LuckyToBeAGiantsFan #ReadyForTheNextGame

"We robbed the Red Sox on that deal."

Duane Kuiper, on Jake Peavy coming to SF


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